Most generations think of “grandma” or “grandpa” as an old person and surprisingly, the average age of grandma has risen to 50 so grandparents are getting older. But, with new health and medicine available to the aging generation, “50” truly is the new “40” as grandparents are more active than ever in the grandchildren’s lives. According to an AARP, many people reported only having one grandchild by the age of 65.

The good news is that Americans are more active and living longer, but also have fewer kids. This translates into grandparents being able to spend more time with each grandchild and increasingly likely that grandparents will be retired and available to help raise their grandchildren if needed. Grandparents are not necessarily essential in the child-rearing process, they have become an added benefit for grandchildren.

You may have noticed the new generation of grandmothers wanting to replace the family pronoun with words like “Mimi”, “Memaw”, or “Gigi”. The stereotype of an old grandma is slowly fading, and the roles are gradually changing over time. Many grandparents babysit their grandchildren even if they do not live in the same home. Grandparents today are also much more supportive of LGBQ+ kids and grandkids. Technology has also helped to keep families more in touch and closer than ever as there is no longer a need to “call after 7” for reduced long-distance rates and young children can FaceTime their grandparents without any help from an adult.

So, while the average age of a grandparent is at an all-time high, it is grandparents are incredibly young and capable by today’s health standards. Many grandparents believe it’s important to spend one-on-one time with their grandchildren alone and even on trips. Grandparents are in a historical position to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives more and longer than at any other time in history.

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